A water wonderland of islands, bays, caves and rivers.

All of our itineraries are tailor made to your specific needs, using our expert knowledge to craft your dream trip. Here are some examples to help inspire and excite your Tribe

15 Days


From £1,300 per person, based on a family of 4 sharing.

Plus international flights from £600 per adult.

Includes Hanoi, Bai Tu Long Bay, Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Tam Coc & Trang An, and Hoi An.

Recommended for travel  between November- June.




21 Days


From £1,700 per person, based on a family of 4 sharing.

Plus international flights from £600 per adult.

Includes Hanoi, Bai Tu Long Bay, Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Tam Coc & Trang An, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc.

Recommended for travel  between March - June and September - October.



Vietnam is the perfect choice for families seeking a real adventure.  From the rice-paddies and stunning waterways of the culturally rich North, to the sprawling deltas and jungle of the tropical South, an exciting journey through one of South East Asia's most fascinating and beautiful countries awaits.  Expect magnificent scenery, mouth-watering foods, thriving markets, beautiful beaches, 45 million scooters and a history lesson around every corner.



Vietnam boasts an array of fascinating rural areas to explore, offering fabulous scenery and activities for the kids to enjoy.  Visit hidden villages dotted amongst mountainous rice terraces; sail around mighty limestone karsts; row down underground rivers, ducking stalactites and dodging bats; fish and farm in the Mekong Delta and relax and explore jungle-backed beaches on the Southern shores.



With a coastline running over 3000 km, Vietnam has infinite stretches of powdery sands, coves and lagoons to explore.  Highlights include the calm, crystal clear waters and white sandy beach of Hon Co island in Bai Tu Long Bay, long stretches of sandy fun around Hoi An and the jungle-clad island Southern paradise of Phu Quoc.



A lack of pavements and a sea of horn tooting mopeds make for a chaotic city. Hop on a Cyclo-rickshaw and let an experienced local guide you through the chaos to historic old towns steeped in tradition and old world charm. Hanoi's French quarter, Ho Chi Minhs old town and Hoi Ans artisanal streets are full of life, and once armed with a scavenger hunt or treasure trail, the kids will love to explore. Where else can you watch a home made paper lantern bob lazily on the river, design your own tailored suit and feast on wonderful street-side delicacies.



Given how much of the country is close to the sea or built around meandering river deltas, it's no surprise that Vietnamese life revolves around its waters. These destinations offer a wonderful insight to rural life, and are a fabulous natural playground for your Tribe to explore. Sail around the islands of Bai Tu Long Bay in a traditional Chinese Junk boat. Canoe through underground rivers and rice paddies to hidden temples in Tam Coc. Raft the white waters around Pu Luong, and hop in a traditional fishing boat to haul in the days catch in the Mekong River.

People Rice Paddies Vietnam.jpg


Staying with a local Vietnamese family who have opened up their doors is a unique and  immersive opportunity not to be missed. It provides a fantastic insight into their daily life and how they use their natural surroundings. From riding to market via ox and cart to fishing for river trout; there are endless activities for your Tribe to enjoy. All homestays are hand picked to ensure just the right mix of authentic charm and rustic chic.



Authentic cooking classes, complete with vibrant market visits, are great activities for children.  Local produce and dishes vary as you travel the length of the country, so there's always new and exotic things to try.  City food tours are also a really enjoyable family activity and allow you to sample an array of delicious, traditional dishes.  Don't leave Hanoi without trying the famous sweet egg coffee and Banh mi baguettes!



Whether they're making traditional Chinese paper lanterns, running from shop to shop along grand French boulevards or crawling through the Cu Chi war tunnels, Vietnam is a real-life history lesson for kids.  With a strong connection to their country and deep-rooted family values, Vietnamese people are open and welcoming, especially when travelling with small children, and this all makes for fabulous family adventure.



We know swimming is an essential part of any family holiday. We try to ensure that all of our accommodation options have spacious swimming pools, to allow children to enjoy their all important 'chill out' time.  Children will also love diving off junk boats and splashing around in the warm, shallow waters of the South China Sea.


Vietnam benefits from three different micro-climates, making it a year-round destination.  November to April is generally viewed as the best time to visit, due to drier conditions.  However, when the rains hit the north and south, central Vietnam often stays hot and dry.  Travel is not really recommended between September and October.


A great time to visit.  Generally warm and dry across the country.  The South benefits from the best conditions and Bai Tu Long (Halong Bay) can be quite hazy at this time of year.  Worth checking when TAT (Vietnamese New Year) falls, as this can create travel disruptions.


A great time to visit. Start of the peak season, with warm, dry weather across the country.  Clear blue skies around Bai Tu Long (Halong Bay) make this an excellent time of year to visit.


Central regions, such as Hoi An, tend to be hot, dry and sunny.  However, the start of the wet season brings hot, wet and humid conditions to the north, and short, heavy afternoon downpours to the south, frequently followed by clear blue skies and sunshine.  A decent time of year to visit.


Central Vietnam is the best option at this time of year, with warm, sunny conditions.  The wet season hits the rest of the country, so short, heavy downpours should be expected, followed by plenty of hot sunshine.


Some of the wettest weather in Vietnam falls during these months.   


A great time to visit.  The dry season returns across the country. The north is warm, clear and generally dry.  The south is hot and sunny, with a drop in humidity.  Central regions, such as Hoi An, still have quite heavy rainfall in November, but this drops significantly throughout December.

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