Captivating cities, awash with Asian heritage and contemporary glamour.




15 Days

From £1,000 per person, based on a family of 4 sharing.

Plus international flights from £550 per adult.

Includes Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Pangor Island, Penang, & Langkawi.

Recommended for travel between October - April.


14 Days

From £1,050 per person, based on a family of 4 sharing.

Plus international flights from £550 per adult.

Includes Singapore, Cherating Beach, Taman Negara NP & Kuala Lumpur.

Recommended for travel between March - September.


14 Days

From £1,100 per person, based on a family of 4 sharing.

Plus international flights from £600 per adult.

Includes Kuala Lumpur, Sandakan & Sepilok, Kinabatangan River, Kinabalu NP & Gaya Island.

Recommended for travel between March - September. 

All of our itineraries are tailor made to your specific needs, using our expert knowledge to craft your dream trip. Here are some examples to help inspire and excite your Tribe


With a unique abundance of wildlife, ancient rainforests, stunning beaches, beautiful cities and genuine culture, Malaysia offers huge variety within a single family adventure.  English is widely spoken, infrastructure is good and Malaysia's climate makes it a year-round destination.  

Baby Orangutan Playing


Borneo’s orangutan is undoubtedly the main draw. There are guaranteed encounters at excellent rehabilitation centres, whilst wild sightings deep in the jungle are truly awe-inspiring. Pygmy elephants, sun bears and proboscis monkeys are just some of the animals that roam Borneo's wild interior, whilst the entire country offers world-class snorkelling amongst protected coral reefs.  Year-round turtle nesting sights all-but guarantee you can witness the first journey of a tiny baby turtle as it struggles over soft white sands to the ocean.



Malaysia’s dynamic and culturally diverse cities are a huge draw and offer an abundance of activities for children. From Kuala Lumpur’s fabulous city park and Discovery Centre, to the cultural roller-coaster that is Penang’s George Town, each of the major cities offers something different for your Tribe to enjoy. With a noticeable emphasis on green spaces, you’re never far away from a park or garden, and a combination of excellent public transport and traditional tri-shaws (three-wheeled bicycle taxis) means accessing all areas is easy!

Silhouette of three kids playing on the beach at sunset.jpg Conceptual scene.jpg


Malaysia is blessed with some stunning beaches, most of which are easily accessible, offering safe swimming and a host of family-friendly activities.  Snorkelling, diving, kayaking, paddle-boarding and turtle spotting to name a few.  Many of the best beaches are found on tiny tropical islands, just a short boat ride from the mainland.  Their powder soft sands give way to jungle clad centres, opening up a host of alternative family activities just a sort stroll from the beach.



Malaysia has hundreds of islands, many of which are tiny dots of lush tropical jungle surrounded by stunning white beaches. There's an abundance of wildlife and laid-back locals, whose daily routines have barely changed for decades. Gaya and Turtle Islands (Borneo), Pangkor Island (West coast) and the Perhentian Islands (East coast) are great examples of this.  Malaysia also boasts two island powerhouses.  With stunning beaches, oodles of culture, incredible food, wildlife rich rainforests and a host of adventurous and child-friendly activities, both Penang and Langkawi are must see destinations.



Malaysia is a melting pot of different identities, religions and cultures.  It celebrates its indigenous and Malay heritage, whilst embracing Chinese, Indian, Arabic and British influences. This shines through in the diversity of Malaysia's arts, music and foods. From the interactive museums in KL and George Town, to traditional homestays in the Highlands or in island jungles, what better place to teach children about embracing variety.



We take time and effort to find truly unique and sustainable accommodation options, that all the family can enjoy.  Children will love staying in a jungle lodge waking to the sounds of a thousand tiny animals or in a converted Chinese shop-house amongst the bustle of central George Town. All accommodation options have fantastic facilities and incredible staff, ready to cater to your family's wants and needs.

Thai chillies_edited.jpg


Malaysian food is almost impossible to define, such is its diversity around the country.  Makan (meaning to eat) can happen up to seven times a day and with heavy Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Thai influences there'll always be something for every member of your Tribe to enjoy. From the breakfast favourite, akok; a deliciously sweet mix of eggs, palm sugar and coconut, to paung goreng; savoury sweet rice balls mixed with spicy fish, street-food vendors and masterful chefs can rustle up a tasty bite throughout the day.

Tropical Resort


We know swimming is an essential part of any family holiday. We try to ensure that all of our accommodation options have spacious swimming pools, to allow children to enjoy their all important 'chill out' time.  Children will also love splashing around in the calm shallow waters of the island beaches or taking a dip in a natural hot spring.


Malaysia is hot and humid year-round.  The West coast is best visited between October and April, although travel year-round is possible. Expect more frequent downpours and stronger winds, between May and September.  The East coast and Borneo enjoy better weather between March and September.  It's worth noting that monsoonal rains force the East coast to shut down from November to February.

Singapore's climate has little fluctuation throughout the year.  It remains hot, humid and rainy, with a chance of thunderstorms most days.  Downpours tend to be in the afternoon or early evening.   


January – April    

Great time to visit.  Warm and Sunny.  Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands and Pangor Laut are subject to higher rainfall towards the end of April. 

May – June    

Winds pick up and downpours are common, but still relatively pleasant. 

July -  August 

Hot, humid and windy.  Downpours are common, but travel is still possible.

September – October 

Shoulder season.  Rains and winds begin to drop, with sunnier days more frequent.  By the end of October, sunshine is almost guaranteed in Penang and Langkawi. 

November – December 

Great time to visit again.  Warm, sunny and mainly dry. 


January - February 

Warm, but high chance of rain and storms. Much of the East coast remains shut during monsoon season.



The sun emerges, rainfall eases - a great time to visit. 

April – August 

Great time to visit.  Hot and sunny, with little chance of rain.   


Downpours start to become more frequent towards the end of the month, where temperatures drop and winds pick up. 

October - December

Heavy downpours and high winds are common.  The East coast shuts for the monsoon season.   

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