A cultural explosion of people, foods and traditions.

All of our itineraries are tailor made to your specific needs, using our expert knowledge to craft your dream trip. Here are some examples to help inspire and excite your Tribe













14 Days


From £1,000 per person, based on a family of 4 sharing.

Plus international flights from £150 per adult.

Includes Marrakesh, Ourika Valley, Imlil & the High Atlas Mountains, Safi and Essaouira.

Recommended for travel  between March - June and September - October.

Morocc 14 Day Map FINAL_edited.png
Morroco 7 Day Map FINAL_edited.png

7 Days

From £650 per person, based on a family of 4 sharing.

Plus international flights from £150 per adult.

Includes Marrakesh, Imlil & the High Atlas Mountains and Essaouira.

Recommended for travel  between March - June and September - October.


With a short flight from the UK, Morocco is an easily accessible, yet fascinating introduction to north Africa.  Children will be welcome everywhere and blown away by the dizzying mix of colours, culture and landscapes.  English is widely spoken and there are many family- friendly accommodation options.  Here are some of our top picks when travelling with kids.

Souvenir lamp shop in the medina, Morocco


Morocco's souks are amongst the most famous in the world. A labyrinth of interconnecting streets where artisan crafts spill out of crumbling shopfronts and donkeys drag carts laden with towers of spices and fruits. Kids love the colourful atmosphere and, once you've handed over a few dhiram, will be leading you down back-alleys and through archways looking for hidden treasures. Plan a scavenger hunt, go souvenir searching or hire a local guide and get thoroughly lost with your Tribe (in a good way).

morocco berber riding camel on the atlantic ocean beach


In the beautiful Atlantic coast and rugged High Atlas Mountains, Morocco has two contrasting but equally exhilarating natural playgrounds.  The alizee (coastal winds) make for incredible windsurfing and kite-surfing, whilst the empty expanses of beach offer a perfect track for quad bikes and kite-buggies. In the High Atlas, kids can zip-line and traverse their way through the tree tops and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on foot or (often a more popular choice) on the back of a mule.



A far cry from the organised and orderly cities of Europe, Moroccan cities are a dizzying chaos, showcasing the complexities of North African life. Kids will love watching and listening to the snake charmers, storytellers, henna tattooists and acrobats that fill the Medinas.  Whilst playing mountain chief or pirate captain and exploring the fortified ramparts of Morocco's Kasbahs is also a big hit.



One of Morocco's biggest draws is that, after a relatively short flight, you touch down in a different world. The mix of Arabic culture, Berber tradition and various colonial influences combine to create a fascinating country.  It is also totally child obsessed and therefore a very accommodating country when travelling as a family.  There's so much here that captures a child's imagination, from souks, kasbahs and camels to henna tattoos and the adhan (Islamic call to prayer).



Moroccan food is a celebration of the countries diversity, it's history and it's people. From the raucous food stalls of Djeema al fna and the street vendors cooking the days catch along Essaouiras port, to the dadas (traditional Berber female cooks) rustling up a delicious rich tagine; there's something for every member of your Tribe to enjoy. Kids will love exploring the mounds of spices and fruits at a local market, picking a selection to be used in their own 'mini-chef's' cooking class. And, without an emphasis on chillies, you may even find that your kids (the non-fussy eaters at least) fall in love with Moroccan food!



We take time and effort to find unique and sustainable accommodation options that all the family can enjoy.  Children will love staying in a spacious garden villa with a giant swimming pool, exploring a remote mountain Kasbah in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, and riding a camel to a secluded Berber Beach Camp on the Atlantic Coast.  All accommodation options have fantastic facilities and incredible staff, ready to cater to your family's wants and needs.


Spring and autumn are generally the best times of year to visit Morocco, when its warm and dry.  Winters can be cold and grey (particularly in the mountains) and summer can be too hot for exploration.  Coastal regions, such as Essaouira, can be visited year-round, with mild winters and warm summers. 


The weather will be very mixed.  Generally you'll get some sunshine with a chance of showers.  The mountains will be cold, as will nights in the desert. This time of year is great if you want to avoid the crowds!


Spring arrives towards the end of March and it usually gets progressively warmer throughout the month.  There should be plenty of sunshine, but temperatures vary wildly, year on year, so go prepared!  


A great time of year to visit, with plenty of sunshine and warm weather.  Expect the odd shower.


It will be lovely and sunny but starting to get very hot in the middle of the day in Marrakech.  Beyond the city, the foothills of the Atlas mountains remain warm and pleasant, as do coastal areas, such as Essaouira.


The hottest months of the year.  Exploration in Marrakech should be kept to early mornings and late afternoons.  Just outside Marrakech, in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the climate is perfect for summer holiday season, relaxing amongst olive groves, swimming and picturesque hikes.  Essaouira is also a great option at this time of year, with pleasant coastal breezes.


A great time of year to visit, as we head into autumn.  It will be warm and sunny, although mornings and evenings start to get chilly by the end of October.  Hiking is very pleasant in the mountains, but coastal areas do become very windy.


Sunny cooler days, with occasional showers are typical of this time of year.  Great for exploring the cities, but the mountains can be too cold and snow is possible.

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