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Although we strive to keep travel times down to a minimum during your adventures, there will be a few longer journeys, and of course getting to these beautiful destinations does invariably involve a rather long flight. With this in-mind, and having first hand experience of countless long journeys with our little ones, we have created our exclusive (and complimentary) Tribe travel-packs. Tailored to little adventurers based on age, gender and destination, the packs will include activities to do on long journeys, as well as itinerary specific activities to do throughout your travels. Worried about a full day exploring Sri Lanka's cultural triangle? We'll have your little explorer armed with a scavenger hunt and loads of fun facts about the temples and caves.


Check out our social media platforms to see some existing Tribe adventurers making use of their exclusive packs.


The best experiences are those shared with friends and family. We know you've got your family with you, but how about a friend as well?


Every little adventurer will receive one of our unique wanderbuddys, hand designed by our (then) 4 year old daughter. Small and compact, these furry friend-makers are totally travel obsessed. They love nothing more than trying out new foods, trekking up mountains and, of course, building legendary sand castles on the beach. Fiercely loyal and full of fun, they'll be the perfect travel companion for your little adventurers.

All they ask in return is that you share some of your favourite photos of them on your travels, so that King Tefi can see what they are up to.